A bilateral Indo-Japan consortium to develop Patimban

Patimban port attracted Singapore's attention
Patimban port attracted Singapore's attention

The Indonesian government immediately build Port Patimban in Subang West Java. The letter of award of the winner of the project has been submitted from the Patimban Work Unit to the project winning contractor ie the consortium.

JAKARTA (infolog): The consortium consists of five companies as its executing contractors, Penta Ocean, Toa and Rinkai from Japanese marine construction companies, along with BUMN Karya, PT Wijaya Karya and PT PP Tbk in May 2018.

“In July, it is planned to be groundbreaking the development of Port of Patimban for the first phase,” said Agus Purnomo, Director General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, R Agus Purnomo in Jakarta, on Sunday this (8/7) quoted by Kontan.co.id as saying.

According to the Director General of Agus, Port of Patimban which is estimated to require investment of Rp 43.3 trillion, will start operating in 2019. The initial activity will be focused on the export of national automotive products abroad.

“The government hopes that with the operation of Port Patimban will have a more efficient impact on the cost of exporting Indonesian automotive products abroad,” he said.

Port Patimban is one of the National Strategic Project (PSN) which will be built in Subang Regency, West Java Province. The development of Patimban Port is carried out through funding from the Official Development Assistance (ODA Loan) of the Government of Japan.

“The development of Port Patimban is also a marker of the close cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and the Government of Indonesia which has been established for 60 years,” said Agus.

Director General Agus further said that the construction of Port Patimban will reduce logistics costs by closer the production center with ports, strengthen economic resilience, reduce traffic density in Jakarta with the distribution of vehicle traffic, and ensure the safety of shipping including oil and gas exploration areas.

The development of Port Patimban will be implemented in three stages. The first phase, Port Patimban is planned to be able to serve 3.5 Million containers (TEUS) and 600,000 vehicles (CBU).

In the second phase, service capacity will increase to 5.5 million TEUS and in the third phase will increase again to 7.5 million TEUs.

“Later, the Port of Patimban will serve the type of Container Cargo and Motor Vehicles transported by cargo ship. Port of Patimban will also be supported by area of support (Backup Area) to support logistic efficiency from and to Port of Patimban covering 356 ha, “lid Agus. (ac)

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